Museum of Spirits is open seven days a week

    Monday 10–17, Tuesday–Saturday 10–19, Sunday 12–17.
    4.5 10-18, 13.5 10-17, 10.6 10-17, 29.6 10-18.

    24.4, 24, 25 & 31.12 & 1.1


    120 SEK – Adults.
    80 SEK – Pensioners & student.
    50 SEK – 16-18 years.
    Free admission – Children and adolescents 0-15 years.

    Groups (of at least 10 persons) 90 SEK.

    Payment can be made in cash and by credit card.

    Monday – friday 12.00 pm  – 2.30 pm
    Saturday – sunday 12.00 pm  – 3.00 pm

    Tuesday – saturday 6.00 pm – 10 pm
    (last table reservation 8.00 pm)



    We offer a range of wine tastings, but you can also choose among exciting new offers such as ”Flavours of Sweden”, ”Swedish whisky” and ”crafter”.

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    Follow our guide on an inspiring tour of “Sweden: Spirits of a Nation”, "Beer" and "Traingone/Frank Bowling".

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    Museum of Spirits is situated on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm.

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    Sweden has a venerable tradition of snapsvisor – songs sung when making a toast at parties -and it it still very much alive. The museum accepts entries to its annual Swedish drinking song championships and keep an archive of all submissions.

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    “Sweden: Spirits of a Nation” is Spritmuseum’s major exhibition, focusing on the Swedes’ bittersweet relationship to alcohol. The exhibition is designed as a walk through the seasons of the year, given shape through sceneries, scents, tastes and music.

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    The Museum of Spirits offers conferences in our elegant wine tasting rooms with a scintillating view over the guest harbour, and the islands of Kastellholmen and Södermalm. The room seats up to 56 people.

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    It all got started back when things had gone straight to hell. Having recently been dumped, and sitting on the train from Uppsala, Martin Kellerman drew himself as a dog with a noose around his neck. Who would have believed this would be the start of one of the widely read comic strips in Sweden?

    Now Rocky has moved in to the Museum of Spirits, furniture and all. He brought his kitchen, his studio, his country cottage and his friend Igge’s living room – settings familiar to anybody who has followed Rocky over the years.

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    A New Reason to Go to a Museum? The Food!

    Seven of the best spots around the world that go beyond cafeteria-style dining.

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    Akvavit & Smörgåsbord

    The tasting takes part in the museum's permanent exhibition Sweden: Spirits of a Nation. Here you will find typical Swedish environments, highlighted by knowledgeable guides on akvavit and its importance for Swedish phenomena such as: Smörgåsbord/ Snapsvisa/Midsummer celebration/Surströmming. 


    No Label

    In a world free of prejudice, there are no labels. A utopia, perhaps. But also a marketing strategy. Through cooperation with artists, fashion designers and musicians, Absolut Vodka has used diversity as a way of selling vodka.

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