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Unique guest dinners 25-28.9

Best of, new dishes and collaborations witn Daniel Burns from Luksus restaurant Green Point/Brooklyn, Leandro Carreira, London and Petter Nilsson, Spritmuseum.

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“Sweden: Spirits of a Nation”

“Sweden: Spirits of a Nation” is Spritmuseum’s major exhibition, focusing on the Swedes’ bittersweet relationship to alcohol. The exhibition is designed as a walk through the seasons of the year, given shape through sceneries, scents, tastes and music.

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“Sweden: Spirits of a Nation”

Spend an hour with booze!

Spend an hour with booze! Follow our guide on a return visit to Sweden’s nation of spirits, in which our bittersweet relationship with alcohol takes the fore, to our art-exhibition Art pop with arts from Absolut Art Collection and to Swedish Sin.

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