In the exhibition Absolut Statehood, you and your friends get to go on a road trip through a colorful and vibrant art scene in the American countryside. Above the picturesque motifs and through the winding rural American landscape floats the iconic Absolut vodka bottle. The guided tour takes about 30 minutes and a glass of sparkling wine is included in the price.


Absolut Statehood was one of Absolut Vodka’s biggest, most ambitious art projects. From throughout the US, 51 artists, one from each state and D.C., were commissioned to create “state portraits” representing their home states. The artworks were published once a fortnight in the national daily newspaper USA Today during 1992 and 1993. In conjunction with the campaign, lithographs of every piece were sold, numbered and signed by the artist. All proceeds, totalling some 4 million dollars, were donated to the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) to support medical research.


Price from: 345 SEK