“Today it is possible to announce that there is a beer for everyone!” says Spritmuseum’s expert Nadja Karlsson.

Beer can be so much!  It can be sweet, creamy, soft, rich, light, fresh, sour, fruity, candy, bitter, spicy, dry, etc etc..

A supply of high-quality, tasty NoLo beer is steadily increasing and today you can go to the pub and get really well-made, completely alcohol-free craft beer that is truly a taste experience.


Since Spritmuseum’s previous beer exhibition in 2017, a lot has happened to the beer scene in Sweden and the development is in rapid and constant motion.

Back then there was still a lot of focus on IPA and APA. The IPA still thrives today, but also coexists with other styles that have opened up to a larger and wider audience, such as pastry stouts, smoothie sours, milkshake IPAs and not least NEIPA. Excitingly, we can also see that older, traditional styles such as Helles, Vienna Lager and Kellerbier have seen a resurgence.


In the exhibition, we have asked Swedish brewers to scout upcoming beer trends. We will also offer a crash course in beer making and flavoring. How does beer get its color and taste? And how do Swedish hops and malt compare with imported hops and malt? Is it possible to taste that a beer has been brewed with all-Swedish ingredients? That, and much more, is what we want to investigate  with you.


Of course, we also make a contribution to the Swedish beer history. Did you know that beer was historically a real life saver and that a daily beer ration of 4-5 liters was not unusual in the Middle Ages?
And that beer during the 20th century became one of the hottest topics of debate in the Swedish parliament?

In the exhibition, we also highlight the great importance of beer as social glue among nuns, football supporters, hipsters and many others.

The exhibition is the fourth in our exhibition series on Swedish craft drinks.