Welcome to cider country… Sweden

Swedish craft cider. Just a few years ago it would have been unimaginable. Making real cider from garden-variety Swedish apples was considered impossible. But then along came an ice cider from Västerbotten, and turned the whole situation on its head. That was in 2012. Today, just a few years later, there are some 30 craft cider producers situated around Sweden. People are talking about a cider revolution.

In this exhibition, you will meet some of the pioneers who are challenging earlier ideas about how Swedish cider can taste – a new generation of cidermakers who put quality ingredients, artisanal expertise and local ties first. And who believe cider should be produced the traditional way, through fermentation of 100% juice from apples and/or pears, as opposed to the alcopop-style cider that has long been a big seller both in Sweden and abroad.

You’ll also find tips on how to make your own cider, what you should keep in mind when doing so, and which apples make good choices and why.
Take a seat at the tasting table and smell the distilled essence of cider. Test your knowledge with our cider quiz and learn more about Swedish cider history. You can also take a guided tour which includes a tasting, or sample our cider-tasting tray at the museum bar.

Join the cider revolution!

The exhibition showcases works of photographer Fredrik Skogkvist, who covered cidermakers Mikael Nypelius and Karl Sjöström. Some of the photos have never previously been seen, while others were originally published in the book Ciderrevolution!

The texts in the exhibition are written in cooperation with two organisations dedicated to improving cider quality, Svenska Ciderfrämjandet and Riktig Cider.

“Cider” is the first in a series of exhibitions slated for 2020 and 2021 at Spritmuseum, covering four different Swedish craft beverages. The next show opens on 30 September and will be dedicated to Swedish winemaking.