In 2022, Spritmuseum celebrates ten years on Djurgården. We are celebrating by allowing a younger generation of art educators working at Spritmuseum to pick out their favourites from the Absolut Art Collection. The result is REDISCOVER, an exhibition which fills the room floor to ceiling with almost 90 artworks.

“The Absolut Art Collection grew forth during our childhood, and we have incorporated our own ideas about the 1980s and 90s into the design of the show. We wanted to present works that radiate the self-assuredness, confidence in the future and sense of humour that seem to have been typical of the era. Not that it was a decade without problems, but we opted to view it through a nostalgic lens, focusing on the bright side. The placement of the art in the room as well as the choice of colours and music reflects how we see this collection which was born almost 40 years ago.”