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Viner från Alsace

2023-08-10, kl 18.00

Köp 595 KR


Absolut Statehood

9 Jun–18 Aug, 2024

In this year’s summer show at Spritmuseum, all the pieces from Absolut Vodka’s 1992–93 Absolut Statehood project are being exhibited together for the first time. The show takes you on a road trip through the lively and colourful art scenes of rural America, far from the establishment and the international star system. There – above picturesque motifs and rolling rural landscapes – hovers the iconic vodka bottle.


True Crime

1 Jan–31 Dec, 2024

Welcome to our exhibition about Sweden’s prohibition era. Mind-boogling and fascinating stories about a gang of tricksters, defying the authorities as they take the law into their own hands…

Tasting trays

Our exceptional Tasting Trays will add an unforgettable museum experience. You’ll get a taste of Sweden, quite literally!

Dryckeslandet Sverige

Guided Tours

Spend 30 min with a drink in your hand! Join our guide on a tour of the current exhibitions.

Guided tours

Book a guided tour at your preferred time by emailing info@spritmuseum.se. Let us know if you prefer an English-speaking guide.

Price: 295 SEK, including entrance, tour and drink.
Time: approx. 30 min.