Welcome to the restaurant at the Museum of Spirits!

We have moved outside for the summer and opened up our Seaside Dock and Garden Patio. We are open daily and serve everything from coffee to lunch, dinner, cinnamon buns and a wide assortment of Swedish craft drinks. The summer menu offers both small and large plates such as traditional pickled herring, grilled lamb, semifreddo and Swedish strawberries from our own garden. Coffee, pastries, and craft drinks are offered all day.

We also have a table for take-away coffee outside the main entrance.
There is plenty of space between the tables.

See our summer menu here. 

The Dock: Daily from 12 – 20, the kitchen i open till 19.

Garden Patio: Daily from 10, lunch is served between 12 – 15.30.

Both patios stay open as long as the weather permits. During uncertain weather, check if the dock is open by calling the museum reception +46 (0)8-12 13 13 00.

The restaurant is currently closed for brunch. For inquiries, please email us at restaurangen@spritmuseum.se.