The beer pier

The beer pier and the arbor kitchen

When the weather permits during the summer months, our outdoor dining areas are open, serving 17 types of draft beer and dishes from the open kitchen in the arbor.

13 Juni: Jädraöl
14 Juni: Eskilstuna Ölkultur
17 Juni: Strömsholms Brygghus
30 Juni: Jämtlands Bryggeri
5-6 Juli: Nääs Gårdsbryggeri
7 Juli: Jädraöl
8 Juli: Bryggeriet Stenhammaren
14 Juli: Wermlands Brygghus
15 Juli: Sahlins Brygghus
21 Juli: Jämtlands Bryggeri
22 Juli: Strömsholms Brygghus
29 Juli: Jädraöl
4-5 Augusti: Wermlands Brygghus
16-17 Augusti: Oppigårds Bryggeri
18-19 Augusti: Jämtlands Bryggeri
25 Augusti: Wermlands Brygghus
26 Augusti: Jädraöl