Lunch specials

Thursday the 17th of January
12.00-2.30 pm.

No reservation needed, drop-in.

Deer meatballs with salted lingon berries and kale 145 SEK

Egg from Nystugan with leek compote, dill and pickled celeriac 145 SEK

Cod with a roasted broth and pickled, crushed celeriac 145 SEK

All times menu

Pork sausage with Sauerkraut & mustard 165 SEK

Herring with boiled egg, sour cream & rye bread   95 SEK

Liver pate with homemade pickled cucumber 95 SEK

Swedish charcuteries 70 grams 180 SEK

Aged Swedish cheese from Oviken with plum marmalade 80/120 SEK


Apple & bread pudding 55 SEK

Grilled clementine curd, milk sorbet & meringue 85 SEK

Ice cream 40 SEK


Pasta & ragù / Sausage with potatoes  15 SEK/year of age & serving


Almonds/Olives/Bread & butter


40 SEK per serving