Tasting tray

To sum up our exhibitions we have designed three different tasting trays that follow each exhibition.
What does Sweden taste like and how do we drink?
It is – without a doubt, extremely appreciated as well as interesting for our visitors and a tasteful opportunity to learn more about Swedish traditions , culture,  as well as our current trends.

You can decide between these following trays

First of all we have our Traditional tray that symbolize our culture and traditions: three different snaps and one punch. Ask our bartenders for a typical Swedish “snaps-visa” to enjoy snaps the right way.

To complement our relationship with Absolut Art Collection we present an Absolut Vodka tray: three classic flavours and one upcoming.

Every year we present a new exciting exhibition.
A temporary thematic exhibition that takes the pulse on what is going on in Sweden right now. We want to present our history but also the present and the future in the Swedish drinking industry.

This tray is an extension to this exhibition and right now you can taste the Beer tray.
One sour beer, one NEIPA, one DRIKKE  and one Kellerbier.

The trays are available all year around and can be ordered in our bar for 180kr.
You can also pre-book you entry ticket and tasting tray HERE.

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