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The museum shop contains a choice selection of objects relevant to the exhibitions: trays bearing snaps spice motifs and decanters to keep on your desk. Add to that the two books issued by the Museum of Spirits, one containing a selection of the Absolut Art Collection and one of 75 interesting and curious events in Swedish alcohol history, from bar to cliché, from restraint to repression.

Sweden’s best snaps songs
– 15 snaps songs on 20 large napkins.
Price: 80 SEK + 22 SEK shipping = 102 SEK
The songs on the napkins have represented the Swedish flag in the world cup of new snaps songs between the years 2017-2019.

The Museum of Spirits began collecting snaps songs during the 1990’s and have acquired what is today the world’s largest collection with more than 13,000 songs. Roughly 200 songs are added to the collection annually thanks to the national competition in new snaps songs that started in 1995. The top five songs in the competition go on to represent Sweden in the world cup.

Fifteen of the best songs from the past couple of years are now available on these napkins, sold exclusively at the Museum of Spirits.



All posters: 145 SEK


Absolut Warhol, 1985.
Andy Warhol.











Absolut Bourgeois, 1992.
Louise Bourgeois. 

Monster mother? Louise Bourgeois’s perhaps most instantly identifiable sculpture may be the giant spider Maman. Here we see her in a photograph, but instead of an egg sac, she’s carrying an Absolut Vodka bottle. The piece was part of Absolut Generations, which was exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2003.






Absolut Louisiana, 1992. 
George Rodrigue. 









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Gift cards are sold in even amounts of 100 SEK and are valid for two years.
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