Absolut Art Collection – Staff’s Choice

13 Jun–20 Sep, 2020

Staff’s Choice.
An exhibition with our personal favourites from the Absolut Art Collection.

If spring of 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that things don’t always go as planned. Social distancing, a society shut down and the commotion has pre-occupied our minds. But through all this dismay, creativity has thrived. For us, this meant an exhibition produced in its entirety by our museum staff.

Absolut Art Collection – Staff’s Choice is shown 13 June to 27 September 2020.

Born from the idea of allowing the entire personnel to explore the vast Absolut Art Collection, all 28 colleagues from the office, restaurant, and board have all selected an artwork that is now on display in the art gallery. As well as shared their motive for that specific choice.

The result of this unorthodox process is a unique and very personal exhibition where the selection directly reflects the diversity, vigour, poetry and humour of this very special collection of art, and of the people that make up this museum.

In more than 850 paintings, graphic flyers, photographs, sculptures, and furniture international and Swedish artists interpreted one and the same object during the years 1985-2004: a vodka bottle. Many of the pieces where reproduced as ads for the client Absolut Vodka and ran in magazines world-wide. Many have seen the advertisements but far from all have seen the art collection Absolut Art Collection, which now has its home at the Museum of Spirits.

Welcome to a different kind of exhibition!

Cocktail & Art
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