Vinlandet Sverige


18 Nov–31 Oct, 2021

Welcome to Swedish wine country!

Swedish wine 
Twenty years ago, few believed that Sweden would become a wine-producing country. Then a handful of pioneers decided to reject the popular opinion that it was impossible to grow grapes and produce wine in our chilly climate. Today, Swedish winemakers have shown that it is absolutely possible to make wines of high quality with distinctive character. In this exhibition, you will meet a few of them and hear their stories on the struggle of making wine in Sweden.

Trendwatching with Nadja  
Meet Spritmuseum’s beverage expert, Nadja Karlsson, who shares ten wine trends to look out for in 2021.

Natural wine, additives and ingredients lists 
We will try and figure out exactly what the definition natural wine means. And what’s going on when it comes to additives in wine. What are wines allowed to contain besides fermented grape juice? And why isn’t wine allowed to have a list of ingredients, when all other foodstuffs are required to?

Unique, historical wines  
In this show, we exhibit a cavalcade of Swedish wines from the museum’s collection of historic bottles. We take a look at the modern history of wine in Sweden and focus on specific episodes in Swedish wine history from the 1950s and on. What has inspired Swedish wine choices over the past decades?


Wine is the second in Spritmuseum’s series of exhibitions on four different Swedish (craft) beverages.