Vinlandet Sverige


18 Nov–31 Oct, 2021

Welcome to Swedish wine country! An exhibition on Sweden’s emerging wine scene, trendwatching, and historical artifacts.

The Party is Over

10 Oct–25 Apr, 2021

This winter’s art exhibition at Spritmuseum takes us back to New York in the 1980s and 90s, to an era that began with a new openness, until the AIDS epidemic began to claim young lives by the thousands, with a backlash of rare force as a consequence. But we also encounter the strength of the LGBTQI+ movement’s counter-reaction. Guest-curated by Elisabeth Ohlson.

Sweden: Spirits of a Nation

1 Jan–31 Dec, 2021

“Sweden: Spirits of a Nation” is Spritmuseum’s major exhibition, focusing on the Swedes’ bittersweet relationship to alcohol.