Fashion Cocktail

10 Jun–23 Jan, 2022

This summer, the Museum of Spirits showcases a sensational selection from the never before publicly shown Absolut Fashion-collection in the exhibition Fashion Cocktail.

Vinlandet Sverige


18 Nov–31 Oct, 2021

Welcome to Swedish wine country! An exhibition on Sweden’s emerging wine scene, trendwatching, and historical artifacts.

Sweden: Spirits of a Nation

1 Jan–31 Dec, 2022

Sweden: Spirits of a Nation is Spritmuseum’s main exhibition, focusing on the Swedes’ bittersweet relationship to alcohol. The exhibition is designed as a walk through the seasons of the year, given shape through sceneries, scents, tastes and music. Visitors can relax on a park bench or hang out in the bar, partaking in pain and pleasure, enjoyment and hangovers, light and dark, warmth and cold.