17 Nov–29 Oct, 2023

“Today it is possible to announce – there is a beer for everyone!” says Spritmuseum’s expert Nadja Karlsson.


Exhibition about Gin

19 Nov–30 Oct, 2022

In this exhibition, you will meet some of Sweden’s many distillers, all of whom share one thing in common – a passion for gin and the craft of making it.

Fashion Cocktail

10 Jun–19 Jan, 2022

The Museum of Spirits showcases a sensational selection from the never before publicly shown Absolut Fashion-collection in the exhibition Fashion Cocktail.

The Party is Over

10 Oct–23 May, 2021

This winter’s art exhibition at Spritmuseum takes us back to New York in the 1980s and 90s, to an era that began with a new openness, until the AIDS epidemic began to claim young lives by the thousands, with a backlash of rare force as a consequence. But we also encounter the strength of the LGBTQI+ movement’s counter-reaction. Guest-curated by Elisabeth Ohlson.


30 Jan–1 Nov, 2020

Meet some of the pioneers who are challenging earlier ideas about how Swedish cider can taste – a new generation of cidermakers who put quality ingredients, artisanal expertise, and local ties first.

A Spicy Christmas

16 Nov–12 Jan, 2020

Explore the most fragrant exhibition in Stockholm at Spritmuseum: “A Spicy Christmas – The Flavours of Yuletide.”

Angus Fairhurst

23 Oct–31 May, 2020

Angus Fairhurst (1966–2008) belonged to an influential generation that became the phenomenon known as the Young British Artists, or YBAs.

Absolut Art Collection: Photo

27 Apr–6 Oct, 2019

60 photographic works on display in this year’s thematic exhibition with pieces from the Absolut Art Collection.


30 Mar–8 Apr, 2019

POP-UP EXHIBITION: 30/3 – 8/4 2019 ENDANGERED FOOD FROM AROUND THE WORLD   For 10 days, Spritmuseum will host a touring exhibition on endangered food and flavors.

The Future of food & drink

7 Feb–5 Nov, 2019

Spritmuseum presents “The Future of food & drink”, an exhibition on future visions, health trends and climate-friendly cuisine.

David Shrigley at Spritmuseum

27 Sep–28 Mar, 2019

One of Great Britain’s most renowned artists, David Shrigley, presents a new show at Spritmuseum in Sweden. His Exhibition of Giant Inflatable Swan-things is an installation created exclusively for the museum gallery.

trendig champagne


17 Nov–4 Nov, 2018

From chalky soils to glamour. Never have so many drunk so much Champagne as today. The trend is global, but Sweden, unusually enough, is one of the countries where Champagne consumption has increased the most. For the past few years, tiny Sweden has been the tenth largest Champagne market in the world.


29 Apr–27 Sep, 2017

In a world free of prejudice, there are no labels. A utopia, perhaps. But also a marketing strategy. Through cooperation with artists, fashion designers and musicians, Absolut Vodka has used diversity as a way of selling vodka.

ROCKY at Spritmuseum

11 Feb–24 Oct, 2017

Rocky has moved in to the Museum of Spirits, furniture and all. He brought his kitchen, his studio, his country cottage and his friend Igge’s living room – settings familiar to anybody who has followed Rocky over the years.

ACTUALITIES – Lena Andersson, Dan Wolgers

6 Oct–17 Apr, 2017

ACTUALITIES is a joint exhibition of work by author Lena Andersson and artist Dan Wolgers, arranged in cooperation with Spritmuseum and the Absolut Art Collection.


23 Apr–6 Sep, 2015

Art and designed objects from the Absolut Art Collection 1985–1995, chosen and presented by the interior design duo, Simon & Tomas.