Take advantage of four offers in one.

The gift card includes entry to the exhibitions about Swedish drinking culture and art, including our long exhibition “Sweden: Spirits of a Nation.”

The gift card also offers you the option of sampling delicious food and drinks at one of the world’s top museum restaurants.

You can also use the gift card in the museum shop, and for our popular beer, wine, and liquor tastings, held two or three times per week. Our tastings are exciting experiences where you can taste and learn more about fine Italian wines, champagne, Amarone, and much more. Many of our tastings are hosted by Nadja Karlsson, our resident tasting expert.

The tastings cost between 500 to 600 SEK. Our gift cards are sold in even 100’s and are valid for two years. Would you like a printed gift card, as above? Simply email with your name, address, the value of the gift card you have purchased, and your 9 digit booking code which you received when you bought the gift card.

Buy the gift card here!