The Museum of Spirits offers drink tastings for groups on various themes.

A Taste of Sweden

There’s a lot going on at the moment. Since the state monopoly on alcohol production was revoked and other companies than state-run Vin & Sprit AB were permitted to manufacture spirits and wine, a minor revolution has taken place in the world of  alcoholic drinks. Today, Sweden has over 50 vineyards, there are 14 whisky distilleries in development and both small and large companies are creating personal drinks of different kinds, both for the local market and for trendy bars in New York.

You now have the opportunity to try some of these exciting drinks and listen to the story behind their journey from idea to finished product. The tasting is held in our exhibition Sweden: Spirits of a nation.

Duration: Approx. 45 minutes
Max: 25 people/guide.
Price: 2 500 SEK + 250 SEK/person + 500 SEK for language supplement.

Champagne tasting

Three grape varieties, a cold climate in the district of Champagne, lime-rich soil, the cellar master’s blend of wines, fermentation processes, storage – all these things contribute to giving champagne its multifaceted character. In this tasting, we will try a number of different types of champagne and attempt to grade the fireworks when the bubbles burst on the palette. Unfortunately there will not be enough time to count the exact number of bubbles (but it is said that there are around 49-250 million in any given champagne bottle).

How did champagne become the drink of kings, emperors and film stars? Will champagne become your kind of drink?
And is it really the case that oysters are the only suitable accompaniment to champagne?

Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
Max: 44 participants.
Price:  500 SEK for language supplement.
1 – 10 persons = 6 500 SEK (excluding VAT 5 560 kr).
11 – 44 persons = 650 kr/person (excluding VAT 556 SEK/person).

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