Laddar Evenemang


2019-03-29, kl 18.00

Despite having worked as a waitress and maître d’ at New York’s top restaurants, Eva Karlsson never grows tired of answering questions about champagne, and there are no bad questions. Those generally lead to interesting answers. (49 million bubbles!). Why is it that champagne is white to the color even though the grapes are blue? Why do people tend to think champagne tastes better the more expensive it is? And does it really improve as the price increases ? How come American rappers only drink Cristal? Why can champagne only come from the legendary Champagne-district? Speaking of the latter question – you will only be served the real deal of course. No sparkling wine in sight. We are keeping it classy tonight. But Eva might surprise you with her selection. Over the years she has grown tired of the exaggerated buzz surrounding the pricier brands, the ones that once upon a time were created by widows and are now sprayed at the Formula 1 prize podiums. Real champagne that won’t burn through the entire party budget does exist.

Eva Karlsson is an educated psycho dramatist and mental coach. She acquired extensive knowledge on the subject of wine while studying at the university in France and working at New York’s trendiest establishments. She now puts that to good use as she hosts beverage tastings at the Museum of Spirits. They say she has an unpretentious attitude towards wine.

A purchased ticket cannot be refunded but grants you access to the museum’s current exhibitions. The tasting lasts for approx. 90 min.

Spritmuseum Restaurant
We are currently offering 20% of a menu in the restaurant when you attend a tasting. Add your tasting reservation number when booking a table in the reservation to receive the offer. To see menus and book a table, click here.

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Dagens lunch

Dagens lunch med vårt hembakade bröd, bakat på mjöl från Warbo kvarn, vårt eget smör samt bubbelvatten serveras måndag-fredag mellan kl 12.00- 15.30.


Vår restaurang har öppet och erbjuder både lunch och enkla barrätter. Det är gott om plats mellan borden.
Vid vackert väder så öppnar vi vår uteservering. Varmt välkomna.

Dryckeslandet Sverige

1/1–31/12, 2020

”Dryckeslandet Sverige” är Spritmuseums permanenta utställning som handlar om svenskarnas bitterljuva förhållande till alkohol.

Dryckernas historia

Här samlar vi texter skrivna av museets intendent Eva Lenneman om allt från brännvin till vin.