A Spicy Christmas

16 Nov–12 Jan, 2020

Cinnamon, saffron, allspice, clementine. Few Swedish holidays smell and taste as much as Christmas. Spicy glögg, gingerbread and clove-scented oranges kindle feelings and create an atmosphere. It’s something to look forward to when winter is at its coldest and darkest. Maybe the exhibition A Spicy Christmas – The Flavours of Yuletide awakens that distinctive seasonal feeling: Christmastime is here! 

Why are many spices so commonly used in the seasonal drinks we enjoy? Explore the tales behind these drinks and how they found their place at the Christmas table. Christmas beer is deeply rooted in Swedish Christmas traditions, going back as far as to the 10th century Vikings who “drank Yule.” Glögg became a Christmas tradition in the 19th century, spiced snaps has been a staple for decades and julmusten is in a class of its own as the #1 non-alcoholic alternative.

Experience a sensual tour of the flavours of yuletide while taking in photographer Edvard Koinberg’s images of flavourful herbs, berries and fruits.