Exhibition about Gin

19 Nov–30 Oct, 2022

Welcome to Gin Country Sweden!

Sweden’s craft gin scene is booming, and the trend has moved at lightning speed, from a handful of gin producers ten years ago to over 60 today around the country. Now, gin nerds can choose from more than 160 different Swedish gin varieties. In this exhibition, you will meet some of Sweden’s many distillers, all of whom share one thing in common – a passion for gin and the craft of making it.

If you are not already a gin initiate, the exhibition includes a crash course: What is gin? Where are the classic gin flavors from, and how is it produced? Why do many producers talk more about “botanicals” than spices? And what does it mean to speak of a gin’s terroir?

You will also be able to follow the rise, fall, and rebirth of gin. Historically, gin has symbolized the lowest depths of humanity, associated with poverty and misery. Yet, it has also represented sophistication, a beverage for the elite. During the latter decades of the 20th century, gin was in the darkest corner of the liquor cabinet. Still, gin is more popular thanks to a new generation of gin-lovers who prize small-scale and artisanal production than ever.

Welcome to the Gin Exhibition, the third in Spritmuseum’s series of exhibitions on four different craft beverages.