Love and Attraction is the theme of a selection of works from the Absolut Art Collection. Spritmuseum invited artist Carolina Falkholt and poet Anna Axfors to curate and write about the Absolut Art Collection. They explore the art from the standpoint of their own artistic endeavours. There is a meeting of different perspectives, yet each retains a strong personal vision. Carolina and Anna also produced a soundtrack for the show.

Carolina Falkholt (born 1977) is an artist and musician. Her art is a demonstration against heteronormativity in public spaces, taking a stand for female and queer sexual power. In her huge street murals, the pussy and the cock are at the centre of the universe. Here, she has opted to select works from our collection which in her view touch on power relations and female desire. With a winding net of graffiti, she both lifts up and comments on the images in a headstrong dialogue with herself.

Anna Axfors (born 1990) is a poet, author and culture journalist. She belongs to a generation of young writers, with an unfiltered aesthetic drawn directly from the internet, who reach their audience as much through podcasts and blogs as through books. Her writing addresses desire, vulnerability and the sometimes unforgiving feelings elicited by everyday life. In the exhibition texts, she explores love relations and the golden, glowing myth of romantic love from every direction.

On the audio player, you can play nine newly produced tracks from the vinyl LP Love x Attraction ((( <3 ))). Carolina and Anna collaborated with twelve well-known Swedish names in electronic music: Robert Leiner, Cari Lekebusch, Christian Ekerfors, Felix Rodriguez, M3LIN, Christoffer Berg, DJ VOLDO, Miia Magia and Stilleben Sound System with Kan3da, Dataintrång and Luke Eargoggle.

The Absolut Art Collection

The Absolut Art Collection, which has been permanently housed at Spritmuseum since 2008, consists of a total of 850 artworks by 550 artists created between 1985 and 2004. In paintings, graphics, photography, sculpture, furniture and decorative art, artists from around the world interpreted the same object, the vodka bottle. The artworks were depicted in Absolut Vodka’s advertisements and signage over the course of an iconic, nearly twenty-year, campaign.