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Monday 3 August

    Spritmuseum – Museum of Spirits

    Welcome to a museum the like of which has never been seen in Sweden before. The Museum of Spirits is a unique destination located in Stockholm’s two remaining 18th-century naval buildings on the island of Djurgården. With a focus on the Swedish people’s bittersweet relationship to alcohol, the museum exhibitions will take you on an unforgettable journey from pain to pleasure, from park bench to cocktail party, based on art, scenery, experience, scents, and tastes… Rarely has an afternoon soaked in alcohol yielded so many wise insights.


    We offer a range of wine tastings, but you can also choose among exciting new offers such as ”Flavours of Sweden”, ”Swedish whisky” and ”flavour your own snaps” where we cover the basics of spicing and flavouring vodka and snaps.

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    An exhibition dedicated to the culture of making and drinking beer, with focus on the Swedish Craft Beer scene.

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    Museum of Spirits is situated on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm.

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    Follow our guide on an inspiring tour of “Sweden: Spirits of a Nation”, "Beer" and "Traingone/Frank Bowling".

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    Sweden has a venerable tradition of snapsvisor – songs sung when making a toast at parties -and it it still very much alive. The museum accepts entries to its annual Swedish drinking song championships and keep an archive of all submissions.

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    “Sweden: Spirits of a Nation” is Spritmuseum’s major exhibition, focusing on the Swedes’ bittersweet relationship to alcohol. The exhibition is designed as a walk through the seasons of the year, given shape through sceneries, scents, tastes and music.

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    The Museum of Spirits offers conferences in our elegant wine tasting rooms with a scintillating view over the guest harbour, and the islands of Kastellholmen and Södermalm. The room seats up to 56 people.

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    Meet the Brewers at Ölbryggan

    Meet, taste and discuss beer with beer experts!

    Brewers from The Swedish Association of Independent Microbreweries will host Ölbryggan throughout the summer.

    Ängö Kvartersbryggeri
    Fri. June 26, 3pm-10pm
    Sat June 27, 12 noon-6pm

    Jädraås Bryggeri
    Thurs. July 2, 3pm-10pm
    Fri. July 3, 12 noon-6pm

    Wermlands Brygghus
    Fri. July 3, 3pm-10pm
    Sat. July 4, 12 noon-6pm

    Qvänum Mat & Malt
    Thurs. July 9, 12 noon-7pm
    Fri. July 10, 12 noon-5pm

    Poppels Bryggeri
    Fri. July 10, 3pm-10pm
    Sat. July 11, 12 noon-6pm

    Thurs. July 16, 3pm-10pm
    Fri. July 17, 12 noon-6pm

    Eskilstuna Ölkultur
    Fri. July 17, 12 noon-7pm

    Skebo Bruksbryggeri
    Sat. July 18, 12 noon-9pm

    Oppigårds bryggeri
    Thurs. July 23, 3pm-10pm
    Fri. July 24, 12 noon-6pm

    Jämtlands Bryggeri
    Fri. July 24, 3pm-10pm
    Sat. July 25, 12 noon-6pm

    Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri
    Fri. July 31, 3pm-10pm
    Sat. August 1, 12 noon-6pm

    Närke Kulturbryggeri
    Thurs. August 6, 3pm-10pm
    Fri. August 7, 12 noon-6pm

    Nääs Gårdsbryggeri
    Fri. August 7, 5pm-10pm
    Sat. August 8, 12 noon-6pm

    Nils Oscar
    Fri. August 14, 3pm-10pm
    Sat. August 15, 12 noon-6pm

    Nora Brygghus
    Fri. August 21, 12 noon-7pm

    Fri. August 28, 12 noon-7pm
    Sat. August 29, 12 noon-6pm


    The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle

    From Japan to Chile, from Brazil to Slovenia, France, Turkey, Sweden, Thailand, Australia, UK, Italy, Peru, Spain, Canada, Belgium and Denmark and all throughout United States, 37 of the best chefs of the planet will be swapping lives, identities... and restaurants!

    Guess which top chef is cooking at Spritmuseum tonight?


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